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hi, I'm angry nobody's updated here in a bazillion years.

and I'm also angry that the bico news is getting so haverford dominated they're weeding out every bryn mawr girl who shows an interest in it.


I pretty much hate haverford by now, with the exception of a few people I could count on one hand.
Harry Potter HBP on train

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Someone needs to knock some sense into Voldemort. Moving up due dates by two weeks and claiming that we "agreed" on it because it would make life easier for us is utter bullshit and so not cool.
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just thought I'd say I find the misspelled community name rather charming, in its own untidy way.

and no, I'm not actually at bryn mawr this semester. but I should be back on campus in january, and more than willing to bitch about profs then. (:

LOL This is just wrong.

LywenTherdre: I wish I proofread the name:-(
LywenTherdre: I cant change it....:-(
pandorazero49: can you create a new one and move the posts, or just repost?
LywenTherdre: I can. but its a pain. and Im lazy
pandorazero49: ah
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: maybe when Im not exhausted
pandorazero49: that means never, right?
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: maybe Saturday:-)
pandorazero49: I may be dead by then, but my ectoplasmic remains will appreciate your effort
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: ok
LywenTherdre: :-)
LywenTherdre: you cant die. you have to sing A Child Of Our Time on sunday and gag with the rest of us!
pandorazero49: it's not my fault. talk to the Dark Lord (aka Freedman)
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: then who is Lloyd?
pandorazero49: I was about to say Lucius, but Lucius is kind of hot
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: mmm, Grindelwald?
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Wormtail?
pandorazero49: Lestrange?
LywenTherdre: maybe:-)
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Sauron?
LywenTherdre: yes!
LywenTherdre: thats it!
pandorazero49: k
pandorazero49: :-D
LywenTherdre: I think their OTP would die tho if freedman killed one of Lloyd's singers
pandorazero49: he probably won't notice, except that the median height of the soprano section with lower by four inches
pandorazero49: *will
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: awww
pandorazero49: and if he did kill Freedman, generations of future music students would fall on their knees and thank God
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: and i would do a victory dance and toss my halo in the air
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: assuming i'm in heaven
pandorazero49: maybe I'll have to toss my pitchfork
pandorazero49: oh, wait, I don't believe in hell
LywenTherdre: I dont think Lloyd would kill him, he'd just give the pacifist lecture so many times that Freedman wouldnt be able to take it anymore and die
pandorazero49: whatever, my ectoplasmic remains will think of something
pandorazero49: I think that's still manslaughter
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: or maybe they would just have angry sex
pandorazero49: LOL
pandorazero49: possibly they would just be glad to be rid of me and have celebratory sex
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: oh dear
LywenTherdre: *bad mental image*
pandorazero49: why is that a worse image than angry sex?

LywenTherdre: Oh they're both horrid
pandorazero49: who would be on top anyway?
pandorazero49: O:-)
LywenTherdre: well, lloyd is a pacifist, so I think he would submit to being on the bottom
LywenTherdre: (this is so wrong!!!)
pandorazero49: you do reallize you just turned this into D&S, right?
LywenTherdre: d+s?
pandorazero49: though i do tend to agree with you
pandorazero49: dominance and submission
LywenTherdre: yes
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Lloyd is definately Freedman's bitch
LywenTherdre: (this is just wrong. I’m printing it to show to Jen)
pandorazero49: :-D
LywenTherdre: he SO is

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Harry Potter HBP on train

Other introductory post

Particular emphasis on mocking professors is appreciated. Since we can't grade them, we might as well amuse ourselves at their expense (not to be confused with prof bashing). After all, I know at least one of my professors derives pleasure from his students' suffering. Let the evilness begin!


Hello and Welcome to 12AngryMawrters. This is the place to chare your bitchings and moanings about your professors, TAs, work, you name it. Here, you can create drinking games about your profs/classes, whine about work, and just generally bitch.

Have fun!

Your Moderator,

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