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LOL This is just wrong.

LywenTherdre: I wish I proofread the name:-(
LywenTherdre: I cant change it....:-(
pandorazero49: can you create a new one and move the posts, or just repost?
LywenTherdre: I can. but its a pain. and Im lazy
pandorazero49: ah
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: maybe when Im not exhausted
pandorazero49: that means never, right?
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: maybe Saturday:-)
pandorazero49: I may be dead by then, but my ectoplasmic remains will appreciate your effort
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: ok
LywenTherdre: :-)
LywenTherdre: you cant die. you have to sing A Child Of Our Time on sunday and gag with the rest of us!
pandorazero49: it's not my fault. talk to the Dark Lord (aka Freedman)
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: then who is Lloyd?
pandorazero49: I was about to say Lucius, but Lucius is kind of hot
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: mmm, Grindelwald?
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Wormtail?
pandorazero49: Lestrange?
LywenTherdre: maybe:-)
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Sauron?
LywenTherdre: yes!
LywenTherdre: thats it!
pandorazero49: k
pandorazero49: :-D
LywenTherdre: I think their OTP would die tho if freedman killed one of Lloyd's singers
pandorazero49: he probably won't notice, except that the median height of the soprano section with lower by four inches
pandorazero49: *will
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: awww
pandorazero49: and if he did kill Freedman, generations of future music students would fall on their knees and thank God
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: and i would do a victory dance and toss my halo in the air
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: assuming i'm in heaven
pandorazero49: maybe I'll have to toss my pitchfork
pandorazero49: oh, wait, I don't believe in hell
LywenTherdre: I dont think Lloyd would kill him, he'd just give the pacifist lecture so many times that Freedman wouldnt be able to take it anymore and die
pandorazero49: whatever, my ectoplasmic remains will think of something
pandorazero49: I think that's still manslaughter
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: or maybe they would just have angry sex
pandorazero49: LOL
pandorazero49: possibly they would just be glad to be rid of me and have celebratory sex
LywenTherdre: lol
LywenTherdre: oh dear
LywenTherdre: *bad mental image*
pandorazero49: why is that a worse image than angry sex?

LywenTherdre: Oh they're both horrid
pandorazero49: who would be on top anyway?
pandorazero49: O:-)
LywenTherdre: well, lloyd is a pacifist, so I think he would submit to being on the bottom
LywenTherdre: (this is so wrong!!!)
pandorazero49: you do reallize you just turned this into D&S, right?
LywenTherdre: d+s?
pandorazero49: though i do tend to agree with you
pandorazero49: dominance and submission
LywenTherdre: yes
LywenTherdre: lol
pandorazero49: Lloyd is definately Freedman's bitch
LywenTherdre: (this is just wrong. I’m printing it to show to Jen)
pandorazero49: :-D
LywenTherdre: he SO is

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